Comfort Insulation offers a system of injecting, or blowing dense pack insulation into the Walls of a home with little or no disruption to the state of the home. It allows a home Owner to upgrade the insulation they have present, if any, in the walls of their home. Comfort Insulation inspects the job prior to installation and offers direction to the home Owner on how the project will proceed. The process consists of drilling multiple small holes Into the wall to allow access to the cavities to be upgraded. Then a hose is inserted and the Dense pack material is blown and compacted into the cavities, thus offering a fully insulated Cavity. Once completed the holes are patched over with drywall and one coat of mud ready for finishing.

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Comfort Insulation is Ottawa's exclusive dealer for ICYNENE®, the industry-leading "green" spray foam insulation product. ICYNENE® is 100% water-blown, HFC and PBDE free, odorless and can save homeowners up to 50% on heating and cooling costs.