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We offer comprehensive and reliable insulation solutions for Ottawa-based builders and contractors in large residential and commercial construction.

We have built our reputation by working closely with developers and contractors to provide exceptional service and customized insulation programs that meet specific requirements.

We offer five types of insulation products to meet every construction need.



Spray foam fills all voids and cracks to prevent air and moisture infiltration into the home. As well as preventing rodents and insects from entering. It also can provide a high R-value and air barrier with great soundproofing in conventional wall framing. It can also add sturdiness to the structure and does not degrade over time like fiberglass of cellulose insulations. It works in garage ceilings where there is a room above and in the rim board areas of floor assemblies.



Attic insulation creates more consistent temperatures. It keeps conditioned air in the home, instead of allowing it to escape through your ceilings, which may make your rooms a more consistent temperature from ceiling to floor. This can make you more comfortable in your home. Insulating your attic can also prevent gradual damage to your home, caused by heat and moisture. It prevents water vapor from seeping in and eroding your walls. It also slows down heat buildup in your attic, which can cause the shingles on your roof to swell and crack or cause the plywood on your deck to soften.



A thermal barrier is a non-flammable material that is installed over a combustible material such as spray foam. It is designed to delay the temperature rise of the foam during a fire situation and to delay or prevent the foam’s involvement in a fire. We prefer to use Rockwool in most areas needing a thermal barrier.



Fiberglass insulation has many advantages: it is budget-friendly, eco-friendly, easy to install, and it increases energy efficiency while reducing noise. Fiberglass insulation also improves indoor air quality, and is mold & mildew resistant.



Sound waves travel through the air. As they hit a surface, they are either reflected or absorbed. Hard, smooth surfaces tend to reflect sound best, creating a noisy environment. Materials that are good at absorbing and blocking sound waves can help you create a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment. Sound insulation has been specially designed to absorb sound waves and reduce the transfer of noise. It is thicker and more dense than regular thermal insulation, making it an excellent choice for soundproofing your home.

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